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Traveling Basketball


The Bison Backcourt Club offers a traveling basketball program for boys residing or attending a school within the the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose #877 school district boundaries.

Our traveling program consists of teams in grades 3rd - 8th, and our organization also serves as a booster club for the Buffalo High School boys basketball program.

We also host two youth basketball tournaments over the course of the season.

Conflict Resolution Committee!

There may be times when parents/guardians are not comfortable talking with their child’s coach about a particular situation. Or, parents/guardians have had discussions with the child’s coach but would like to re-visit the issue with a third party.

To address these situations, the BBC has formed a three member conflict resolution committee:  Jake Lindquist and Annette Peterson.

Parents can seek out a committee member to discuss the issue. In the event that a resolution cannot otherwise be determined, the committee can then take the concerns to the rest of the BBC board, if deemed necessary.

Please email us at if you have an issue to be resolved.

Minnesota Basketball Links

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Must Read - Toughness by Jay Bilas of ESPN

If you want to improve your game, then you need to read this article.

"Toughness" by Jay Bilas of ESPN

Click this link for a 6-page excerpt from Jay Bilas about "toughness" in basketball.

11 Ways to Help You Make Your Basketball Team!

Separate yourself  -  Find ways you can differentiate yourself from all of the players trying out for the team. Find positive ways to stick out."  

  1. Be the most vocal and enthusiastic player in the gym.  Be an energy giver.
  2. Hustle!  Be the first player in line for each drill.  Try to win each sprint.  Do everything at game speed!
  3. Make the extra pass.  Be selfless while everyone else is selfish.
  4. Box out every single play of every single drill.
  5. Make eye contact with the coach when they're speaking.
  6. Dive for the loose balls and take charges.  Every team needs a player that does those two things.
  7. Be a good teammate.  Keep in mind that 'WE' is greater than 'ME!'
  8. Arrive early and stay after to get in extra work.  Learn the difference between "waiting and preparing."
  9. Know your strengths and weaknesses.  If you aren't a competent 3-point shooter, then don't shoot 3's. Find ways to highlight what YOU do well.
  10. Communicate with the coach.  If you aren't sure, ask the coach what things you need to do to EARN a spot on the team.  The key word is EARN.
  11. Play present.  If you make a mistake, move on and focus on the next play. Concentrate on the two things you control at all times, your EFFORT and your ATTITUDE.

Please watch the video below for more info on how to make your high school team by Alan Stein.