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Buffalo Gym Rat Challenge

Gym Rats

If you are up to the daily challenge, submit your made shots here!  Remember to go through your shooting progression.  Those makes count!  Then, build up to GAME SHOTS - GAME SPOTS - GAME SPEED.  You can submit made shots daily, weekly, or track for a month.  Just click on the Shot Submission Form link below and fill in the info!

Those that meet the challenge, your name and grade will be posted on our website, printed in our program, and you'll receive an official Bison Gym Rat Under Armour t-shirt!

If you have questions, email Coach Ortmann at:

Challenge Starts


Gym Rat Challenge 2024

You can submit each day's total makes, or document at home on a calendar and submit weekly or monthly.

Bison Gym Rats Challenge

Kids can get started on May 1st and have through August to reach their grade level goal.  Grade level goals will be the grade you are going into. 


9th - 12th Grades                            GOAL:

92 days (June 1 - Aug 31)

400 makes/day


123 days (May 1 - Aug 31)

299 makes/day



7th - 8th Grades                              GOAL:

92 days (June 1 - Aug 31)

300 makes/day


123 days (May 1 - Aug 31)

224 makes/day



4th - 6th Grades                              GOAL:

92 days (June 1 - Aug 31)

200 makes/day


123 days (May 1 - Aug 31)

150 makes/day



2nd - 3rd Grades                              GOAL:   

92 days (June 1 - Aug 31)

100 makes


123 days (May 1 - Aug 31)

75 makes







Shooting Progression

1. Lay on back w/o ball - work on form shooting with just the guide hand. After about 10 reps, we will do another 10 with the guide hand.


2. Lay on back w/ ball - same as above only add the ball. Focus on rotation of ball.


3. Standing form shot w/o ball - going through the form shot without using the guide hand. Ball off of the palm, hold high 1 second  follow through. We will then add the guide hand.


4. Standing form shot w/ ball - same as above only add the ball.


5. Form shot at the basket - form shooting at the hoop w/o the guide hand. Focus on clean makes (swish) and drive of the ball. Add the guide hand after 10 makes.


6. Form catch and shoots - using a spin pass to self, work on catch and shoot situations. Focus on catching pass in a slide so the feet are set with low body balance.


7. Form quarter turns - using a spin pass to self, work on form shots using a quarter turn (such as coming off of cross screens and down screens). Focus on rotation of the hips, catching pass on a slide and form shot.


8. Form half turns - same as above except visualizing using baseline screens.


9. Everything off the glass - utilize working on shots of the glass.


10. 2 dribble pull ups - catch spin pass in a slide. All shots come off the glass.


Top edge of backboard (get good arc on ball)   5

Right/Left lay up banks           5 each

Front of rim swish 5 each

8 ft’ banks R/L            High and Soft off glass

10’ front swishes

10’-12’ around the world        

W/ partner…2 hand rebound…game pass

Alone…2 bounce recover

15’ around the world

Everyone moves to game shots


Every time a kid steps on the floor to practice or work out, we want them working on shooting progression!  Build your shot!!


Things you’ll hear:

- Reach Up

- Hold a 1 second follow through

- Elbow above ear

- Build your shot (from inside out)

- Over Emphasize Fundamentals





***Make 10 front rim swish

Make 10 side banks left, then right

Move back 3 feet and do the same


By shooting all the the shots inside - out, you are “building you shot.”  Do things right around the hoop and progress out.  Good fundamentals -  Good habits